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Massive Huntsman Spider Caught Eating A Lizard (Video)

An Australian woman captured an enormous huntsman spider eating a lizard on the sliding glass door just outside her dining area (video below).

Melanie Jade Ottaway was sitting down to dinner with her partner, Troy James, in Beerwah, Queensland, when she noticed the nearly 5-inch-wide huntsman spider on the door, the Daily Mail reports.

“We just sat down to have dinner at the dining table and noticed something massive on the glass sliding door,” Ottaway said. “I got up to have a closer look and there it was, a huge huntsman with a gorgeous little gecko in his mouth.”

Ottaway grabbed her camera and recorded the event.

The video shows the lizard dangling from the spider’s mouth, trapped and unable to move between its fangs.

“It was too late to save him, so we let nature take its path. It's creepy isn't it, but fascinating in a strange way,” Ottaway said.

Huntsman spiders, which can grow up to 12 inches across, are known for being helpful in homes because they eat pests such as cockroaches.

They are considered a nonaggressive group of spiders, with a low-risk venom for humans, according to A bite from a huntsman spider will be painful, but not fatal.

Huntsman spiders have made headlines in the U.S. before, but not necessarily for their eating habits.

When Katrina Dewees in Arizona put a golden huntsman in her mouth and let it crawl across her face the internet took notice. Her six-second “Anybody Afraid of Spiders” YouTube video (below) has been seen more than 1.6 million times and has more than 4,500 thumbs ups.

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