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Golden Retriever Refuses To Leave Her Dead Baby's Side (Photo)

A golden retriever is mourning the loss of her puppy in Savannah, Georgia.

Hunter Cone was on a photography outing when he noticed a golden retriever in Laurel Grove Cemetery North. The dog was apparently grieving the loss of her puppy and — for at least two days — would not leave the pup’s side.

With below-freezing temperatures on the way, Rescuers tried to lure the golden retriever into shelter but it was clear the mother was not ready to leave.

“At first I was like ‘Jeez, that’s pretty hard and that’s pretty heavy,'” Cone told WTOC. “It made me feel really depressed and upset. That’s something I didn’t want to see, but I’m kind of glad I did.”

Cone and his mother brought the golden retriever food and water to help her survive. They tried bringing her another puppy to help cheer her up, but that didn’t work.

For six hours, they tried to retrieve the dog but she would not move.

“I mean, the dog braced through the cold, starvation and thirst to stay with its dead puppy,” Cone said. “If this doesn’t prove that dogs have feelings just like humans do, I don’t think anything else will.”

Rescuers are now saying that the golden retriever buried her puppy in the historic Savannah cemetery and ran away.

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Source: WTOC / Photo Credit: Hunter Cone via WTOC, Wikimedia Commons


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