Picture: Vampire Skeletons Found in Bulgaria

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Vampires are known to haunt the Collinwood Mansion in Maine, according to 'Dark Shadows' lore, but apparently there are many more in Bulgaria.

In Sozopol, Bulgaria, archaeologists report that they have found skeletons, with iron rods in their chests, a practice once used to kill vampires.

The head of the National History Museum Sofia, Bulgaria, Bozhidar Dimitrov told Fox News: "These two skeletons stabbed with rods illustrate a practice common up until the first decade of the 20th century."

Dimitrov said the skeleton corpses were regularly stabbed in the chest before being buried in some parts of Bulgaria.

He added that over 100 similar corpses have been discovered across Bulgaria over the years: "I do not know why an ordinary discovery like that [has] became so popular. Perhaps because of the mysteriousness of the word 'vampire."

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