Picture: Todd Credeur Bitten in Zombie Attack by Carl Jacquneaux

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There seems to be a wave of "zombie attacks" these days; reports of strange, but true, stories of people trying to eat other people.

The latest comes from Lafayette, Louisiana, where Carl Jacquneaux was arrested and handcuffed for allegedly biting Todd Credeur (pictured left), the current husband of Jacquneaux's ex-wife.

Credeur told KATC-TV that he was attacked by Jacquneaux, while working in his front yard. In self-defense, Credeur sprayed wasp spray in Jacquneaux's face.

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Jacquneaux then went to a friend's home, held his buddy at knife point and threatened: "I will kill you if you don't tell me where your dad's gun is."

With gun in hand, Jacquneaux was later arrested on a nearby street.

A friend of Credeur's told KATC-TV that Jacquneaux was on bath salts, the same hallucinogen which Miami man Rudy Eugene used before trying to eat Ronald Poppo, as reported by Opposing Views.

According to the NY Daily News "Jacquneaux was charged aggravated second degree battery, violation of a protective order, aggravated burglary, simple battery and violation of probation."

Jacquneaux is being held in Lafayette Parish Jail on a $312,500 bond.

Check out our new 'Who's Who in Zombie Attacks' Gallery


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