Dog Protects Baby From 'Danger' (Video)


A video of a puppy guarding a baby has gone viral (video below). 

Although the tiny dog does not seem like a fierce guard dog, he has the heart of a lion, according to Dose.

The clip, which was posted by the child's parents on YouTube, has garnered over 10 million views.

It starts out with a fluffy, white dog hovering over a baby on a pink blanket while there’s a blow dryer on in the background. The father and mother are also in the room. 

“Are you laying with your sister?” the mom asks the dog. 

As soon as they turn off the machine, the dog stops watching over the baby and walks toward the woman. 

“You want me to turn the air on?” says the man. 

Then he turns the dryer back on and the white pup jumps up, startled, and immediately goes back to guarding the baby.  The woman notices the dog’s devotion to keeping the baby safe and asks if it is “keeping your sister safe?”

The machine is turned off again and the dog leaves the baby’s side. 

As soon as the noise comes back, the dog runs over to the child and places its arms over it, as if shielding the baby. 

The blow bdryer is finally turned off for good and the fluffy dog walks over to his “mom.” 

Although the video has received mostly positive responses, there have been various allegations that the dog is aggressive and the parents were abusing the dog. 

The original poster decided to clarify those accusations:

My goodness! I can't believe how mean some people are being about this! Geez! Let me try to clarify one last time. My dog is NOT aggressive. NEVER has been. NEVER will be. He's 7 lbs ... . He's never so much as quivered a lip at anyone, let alone our infant daughter, so I promise, she was in no danger. 

Secondly, yes I AM a professional dog groomer and I promise you no dog enjoys being blow dried, but it's just a [necessary] part of the grooming process. 

WE DO NOT regularly torment my dog with a dryer! We are not "cruel" or "moronic." This was just a one time thing that we thought was an adorable display of affection. If he didn't want to be there, he could have left through the open door, but he ops to stay with his baby sister. 

LASTLY, YES! SISTER! I'm not sure about the rest of you but I consider my dog my baby! I raised him and have loved him for years. So I'm happy to call him my daughters (little) big brother! 

In closing, can we chill with the negativity? I'm proud to say that my dog loves my daughter so much that he'd physically protect her with his tiny, 7 lbs body. I can't wait to show my daughter this video when she gets older so she can know just how strong their bond has always been.

Sources: Dose, xoxemergencyy/YouTube / Photo credit: xoxemergencyy/YouTube

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