Picture: New South Carolina Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell is Pro-Confederacy

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Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell (R) was sworn in today as South Carolina’s new lieutenant governor after Ken Ard resigned last week because of a grand jury indictment. However, McConnell may raise eyebrows in his new position.

In 2010, McConnell appeared in photos (left) dressed as a confederate general, posing with two black people who appear to be imitating slaves. McConnell is a member Sons of Confederate Veterans, Secession Camp #4, which he lists on his official bio.

In a 1999 interview with ABC news, McConnell defended the Confederate Flag: “I see honor, courage, valor. I see the red, white and blue and the blood of sacrifice that ran through that battle and the people that carried that flag. I don’t see black and white. I don’t see racism.”

When South Carolina voted to remove the Confederate Flag from the state capitol in 2000, McConnell said: “Like General Lee when he was confronted with Appomattox and said, ‘There’s nothing left for me to do than get terms from General Grant.’ It is very difficult, extremely difficult for us on our side to vote to move that flag. And it has been equally difficult for our brethren on the other side.”


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