Picture Of Mother Breastfeeding Her Baby Flagged For Nudity On Facebook (Photo)


A photo of a mother breastfeeding her baby in the bathtub was reported to Facebook for violating the social media website’s nudity policy.

Kaya Wright uploaded a photo of her 16-month-old son Kayden breastfeeding in the bath to a closed Facebook group for breastfeeding mothers called Liverpool Community BAMBIS (Babies and Mums Breastfeeding Information and Support). She received a notification after uploading that the website was “reviewing” the image she shared in the group.

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“At first I thought it was a joke,” Wright told the Liverpool Echo. “Facebook said the image had been reported for nudity but you really couldn’t see anything. Then I was a bit disappointed at the thought that someone in the group had reported the image. It’s a breastfeeding group, what do you expect?”

Kaya told the other mothers in the group what happened to her and dozens of them started sharing their own pictures of their babies breastfeeding to show their support for their fellow mother.

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Wright said that she tried to breastfeed her first son, Daniel, but “it didn’t work out,” though she said it was a different story with Kayden.

“Breastfeeding is amazing, everyone should try it,” she said. “But in this country I’ve noticed there is a different attitude to breastfeeding.”

Eventually, Facebook contacted Kaya to let her know that her photo would not be removed as it did not violate their policy on nudity.

Sources: Liverpool ECHOMirrorDaily Mail

Photo Credit: Liverpool ECHO

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