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Pickup Truck Owner Shoots Repo Man Twice By 'Accident'

Tow truck driver Junior Jordan Montero was shot and killed while trying to repossess a vehicle in Fauquier County, Va., last Thursday.

According to the police report, the accused shooter Carroll Gregg Jr. (pictured) told police that the shooting was “just an accident."

“I shot him,” Gregg reportedly told police. “I shot, fell and shot again. It was an accident.” reports that Gregg has been charged with second-degree murder.

Gregg also stated that auto repossessions shouldn’t be allowed “in the middle of the night,” notes the police report.

Montero worked for the Chantilly towing company and had been assigned to repossess Gregg's pickup truck.

Montero took the towing job to pay for a wedding ring for his wife, Mayensy Molina.

"He was a very loving husband," Molina told NBC Washington. "He loved me so much."

Sources: and NBC Washington


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