Photos Show Remarkable Transformation Of Girl With Jaw Deformity


Before and after photos of a girl’s plastic surgery have recently gone viral, and the astounding difference shows just how important cosmetic surgery can actually be.

In the photo first posted on Reddit, a girl suffering from micrognathia is shown in the before pictures looking almost entirely different than she does in the after pictures. Micrognathia, as explained by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, is “a condition in which the jaw is undersized. It is a symptom of a variety of craniofacial conditions.”

The hospital’s explanation of the disorder goes on to say that it mostly occurs in infants and later corrects itself, but in this case, it appears the girl’s condition never got better. Thankfully, plastic surgery seems to have totally changed the girl’s appearance for the better, and since the Reddit post has gone viral, it appears that thousands of people across the Internet have recognized the positive change in her appearance.

“In cases like this, cosmetic surgery is absolutely medically necessary,” noted one commenter. “The difference is astonishing! I am happy for this little girl... The surgeon was able to bring out her true beauty.”

Take a look at the now viral images of the girl’s dramatic transformation.

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