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Actor Richard Dreyfuss Caught Groping Women (Photos)

Actor Richard Dreyfuss Caught Groping Women (Photos) Promo Image

Two New York women provided photos that appeared to show actor Richard Dreyfuss, who is already accused of sexual misconduct, groping them.

The women, identified only by their first names, Beth and Susan, told the New York Daily News that they were invited to visit the "Jaws" actor backstage in 2004 following his performance in the Broadway production "Sly Fox" and were pictured being groped by the star.

"The first thing he did was give me a hug, and he stuck his hand almost in the crack of my butt. He didn’t even give me any warning," Beth said.

"Then he turned me around, and he grabbed me by the boob. And he grabbed right above my private area, lower than my midriff. Like he was tickling me. I was giggling, but not in a happy way. I was so nervous. I was so uncomfortable. It was such a weird, awkward feeling."

Susan, the other woman who was groped by Dreyfuss, said she was kissed on the cheek by the actor -- a moment caught on camera.

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"He kissed me without permission. I’m smiling in the photo, but it was a nervous smile. I didn’t know how to react. I was so surprised," she said.

"I just remember it was creepy, weird and awkward. We were excited to go in there and meet him, and it wasn’t what we expected. It was a shock. I was surprised, I didn’t expect him to be that type of person. He was on both of us."

Beth told the New York Daily News that Dreyfuss was "sweaty and talking fast" when they came backstage to meet him, and that he was "saying really weird and awkward stuff."

"He told me I had nice lips. Susan was really grossed out," she said.

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"I just remember the whole time, I just wanted to get out of there. He didn't seem to care one drop about us. He didn't ask us anything about ourselves. We could have been anyone."

The photos exposing Dreyfuss' behavior came following accusations in November 2017 that Dreyfuss harassed and exposed himself to Los Angeles writer Jessica Teich. The writer said she decided to come forward about her experience with Dreyfuss after the actor came out in support of his son, who admitted to being groped by Kevin Spacey.

"When I read about his support for his son, which I would never question, I remember thinking, 'But wait a minute, this guy harassed me for months,'" Teich told Vulture.

"He was in a position of so much power over me, and I didn’t feel I could tell anyone about it. It just seemed so hypocritical."

Despite the controversy surrounding Dreyfuss, some readers felt that the women who shared the photos seemed to be having a good time and were simply attaching themselves to the #MeToo" movement against workplace sexual harassment.

"They seem to be joking and having fun. I bet these women use to brag to friends about the time they meet him and how nice he was and how the had a good time. 14 years later I'm a victim #metoo. You were grown ass women, twice the size of him (just look at the pics) and you could not say 'Keep your hands off me' This is dangerous, stop turning things that were ok at the time into CRIMES," one Daily Mail reader commented.

"They both are laughing smiling. I don't see any pictures of them removing his hands from their person or pushing him away. And I'm sorry but he doesn't look like he could be forceful with a pickle jar lid, let alone a large woman. Both those women look like they could snap him in half," another added.

Sources: New York Daily News, Vulture, Daily Mail / Featured Image: Georges Biard/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Alma/Backgrid via New York Daily News, via Wikimedia Commons

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