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Photos: Sam the Cat Internet Famous for his Eyebrows

One cat has become famous on Instagram for his perpetually worried expression.

Sam has very unique markings, two of which are black marks above his eyes that look like a pair of concerned eyebrows. 

His owner started an Instagram for him and began posting pictures of Sam in various poses. He now has 14,000 followers on the photo sharing site and his pictures are circulating all over the web. 

"Samhaseyebrows" has around 50 pictures of Sam peaking over couches and blankets, posing on beds, glaring at the camera with curiosity or anger. Despite his range of expressions, the "worried" look never really goes away.

In the biography of his Instagram, his owner writes, "This is Sam. He has eyebrows."

This is the latest obsession in a world where people have made cats, and their quirky traits, an Internet favorite. Last year, the world's first Internet Cat Video Film Festival was held featuring home videos of cats doing "adorable activities."

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