Photos: Dog Zelda Can Balance Anything on Her Head

One border collie has become famous not for her ability to run through obstacles or do tricks on command, but for her ability to balance anything, literally anything, on her black and white head.

Zelda’s owner Rebecca Johnson discovered her ability to balance things when she placed a tennis ball on her nose. Zelda balanced it like a champ, and soon Johnson started exploring with other items.

She started small at first, but soon, Zelda worked her way up to balancing very large items items, including bowls, books, and a glass full of water.

It might be her ability to balance tempting items that makes Zelda even more unique. She’s known to balance cupcakes, plates full of dinner, and dog treats on her head.

She has even balanced two oranges, an egg, and a mixing bowl without any accidents.

Johnson said Zelda’s favorite thing to do, though, is play fetch.

“Her favorite thing to do is play fetch with a tennis ball - it’s more like an addiction than a hobby for her,” she said.

“It’s rare to see her without a tennis ball in her mouth or at her paws. I would put the tennis ball on her snout and try to balance it. I thought if she could balance a ball, why not other things, just for laughs.”

Soon, the trick became a family favorite, as they tried to guess what she could balance on her head next.

“It became a running joke with my family and friends to see what was the most bizarre item she could balance. As you can imagine, Zelda seemed confused that I was putting various items from around my house on her head.”

Johnson decided to put images of Zelda on the Internet, and that’s when she became famous.

She used site Imgur to make an album of Zelda, titled “My dog balances things on her head.”

The gallery is now up to more than 1,600,000 views.

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