Photos Of Dallas Shooter After He Was Killed Leak Out


Photos reportedly showing Dallas shooter Micah Johnson’s dead body after he was killed by a bomb robot have surfaced online. 

While the Dallas Police Department refused to confirm that the photos were of Johnson, former U.S. Army senior explosive ordnance disposal technician Bryan Woolston said that the state of the body — as well as the condition of the scene shown in the picture — were consistent with the method used to kill the shooter. Police reportedly used a robot to detonate one pound of C4 plastic explosive near Johnson.

In the pictures, Johnson, a 25-year-old Army reservist, doesn't appear to have any limbs missing or severe wounds.

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"The most significant injuries would have resulted from the blast over pressure generated by the detonation," Woolston told the Daily Mail. "This would have created a blast wave of pressure far higher than normal atmospheric pressure, causing catastrophic injuries to the cardiac, respiratory, gastrointestinal organs and other soft tissue. These injuries alone could cause death."

Woolston said he believes that the images are real considering the way Johnson reportedly died.

"Additional injuries would have resulted from the secondary fragmentation created by the blast," he said. "But unlike an explosive device such as a hand grenade, that is designed to fragment, bare explosives have no casing and therefore do not have a primary fragmentation danger.

“There would be no shards of metal expelled from a block of C4 itself. The only fragments involved would be those introduced by the environment. Additional injuries may have been sustained resulting from the thermal properties of the blast, depending on the suspect's proximity.”

Johnson allegedly killed five police officers during otherwise peaceful demonstrations in Dallas on July 7 following the killing of two black men at the hands of police in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown said that investigators are “convinced this suspect had other plans and thought that what he was doing was righteous," Dallas News reported. Johnson, he said, was set on attempting to “make us pay for what he sees as law enforcement's efforts to punish people of color."

The man had allegedly been preparing for the attack for some time but may have rushed to carry it out following the two recent shootings.

Sources: Daily Mail, Dallas News / Photo credit: Anthony Redmon/Facebook via Dallas News, LiveLeak via Daily Mail 

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