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Photos Of Bound And Gagged Baby Go Viral, Then Police Discover Who Did It To Her (Photos)

A 9-month-old girl was gagged and tied up by her babysitter.

The abuse emerged after someone came across the photos online and demanded that authorities intervene in a Facebook post, Daily Mail reported.

Alexa Contreras Mendez linked to the original photos in her post, enabling authorities to track down where the baby lived.

The picture showed the baby screwing up her face in confusion and fear as her hands were tied in front of her.

Authorities located the family in Torreon, Coahuila. The girl’s mother and babysitter were both questioned and claimed the incident had been “just a game between friends.”

Authorities did not accept this explanation.

“We started an investigation to find the place where the girl lives and we rescued her in order to ensure her integrity and restore her right to live without violence,” said Yezka Garza, head of the Prosecution for Children and Family, Daily Mail reported.

Garza also urged others to come forward if they knew of babies or children facing similar mistreatment, and stressed that parents were responsible even during games for the welfare of children or teenagers.

Facebook and other social media platforms are playing an increasingly important role in helping police identify criminal activity.

The posting of the picture of an unknown suspect in a shoplifting case enabled police to track him down in January in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The man turned out to be a repeat offender who had been accused of shoplifting nine times, the Williamsport Sun Gazette reported.


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