Photographer Stumbles Upon Couple's Proposal, Finds Them Through Facebook

A couple was lucky enough to obtain pictures of their proposal after a photographer stumbled upon the scene while hiking in Washington.

Mel Reyes got down on one knee and asked Jordie Egbert to marry him when they reached the top of Rattlesnake Ridge in North Bend, Wash. 

They probably felt very alone in the wilderness, but they weren't, and that might have been a good thing. 

Geoff Parker, a photographer, was hiking with his wife when she pointed out the couple. The two were out celebrating their first anniversary.

"My wife yelled from behind, 'Hey, look over there,'" Parker said. "Down a little further was this couple. I took a couple photos, and then they stood up and hugged and kissed."

Once he and his wife got home, he was determined to track down the couple.

"I don't have that with my wife," he said. "It was a special moment, it was sweet."

It didn't take long for the Internet to find the couple. Parker posted it to his Instagram and to Facebook, where his friends shared it with their friends, and the sharing kept going until two days later when Egbert saw the photo.

"I was hanging out at my mom's house and my sister came running over to me," she said. "A family friend of ours that lives in Washington, her friend that lives in Germany had re-posted it not knowing who I was. People were just posting it trying to find me."

She then got in touch with Parker and thanked him.

"She sent me a really sweet email thanking me so much for the images and for trying so hard to find them. She cried all day," he said.

Though some have criticized Parker for watching their special moment, Egbert said she was happy he was there. 

"He said he doesn't have that kind of picture from when he proposed," she said. "To him, it was something special. He was living through us. He wanted at least someone to have a picture of that special memory. It was a good gesture. He did it for us."

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(Photo by Geoff Parker via ABC)

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Sources: Daily Mail, ABC


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