Photographer Searching For Mystery Couple Whose Engagement He Captured (Photo)

A California photographer is searching for a couple he accidentally caught on camera during the moment of their engagement.

Dan McGeorge was taking photos of the Hotel Del Coronado when he caught the couple’s engagement. Originally, McGeorge tried to capture the rainbow that had formed over the hotel, and only found the couple later when he was editing.

“There to my surprise was this couple, and they were clasping hands – looking at each other and I knew I had captured them right in the moment of their proposal,” McGeorge said.

According to the photographer’s Facebook page, the couple approached him moments after the picture was taken explaining that they had just gotten engaged. They asked him to take their picture, but then went on their way.

“He had a camera in his hands, and he said, ‘We just got engaged, would you take our picture for us,’” McGeorge said. “The ones I took were close ups, just one, two, three, smile. I didn’t have any clue until I zoomed in later that that was them."

Now, McGeorge hopes to find the couple so he can give them the snapshot of their special moment.

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Sources: DailyMail, Fox News / Photo Credit: Dan McGeorge


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