Photographer Mo Gelber Takes Picture of Couple Kissing While Arrested, but Can't Enter Pic in Contest

Mo Gelber, a New York City photographer who specializes in street photography, took a picture (below) of a couple kissing as they got arrested in August.

Gelber entered his picture, entitled 'Last Kiss,' into a photo contest, Project Imaginat10n, sponsored by director Ron Howard. The problem is that the photo wouldn't be considered in without permission of the couple, even though the picture was taken in public and does not violate privacy laws.

Gelber posted the picture on his Facebook page in hopes of finding out their identities. He wrote on his Facebook page: "'Does anyone know who this couple is? I have approximately 24 hours to find them. It is very important. I took this photo outside Manhattan criminal court on Thursday August 16th."

The NY Daily News reported that the woman is Alexis Creque, who said she was the lookout person while her boyfriend vandalized some walls with graffiti.

Creque said the NY Daily News:  "I was just the look-out. We had a crazy romance all summer. It is like a movie."

The 28-year-old woman, who is now free, says that her unidentified 26-year-old boyfriend is still in jail and she won't sign any release forms for the picture until her beloved is free.

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