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Photographer Makes Unexpected Discovery While Taking Pictures Of An Abandoned Car

It has been a cold winter. So cold, that an elderly woman was found frozen to the ground in Tennessee on Feb. 20.

Keith Sheldon was roaming around in Williamson County, taking photographs of the snow before it melted.

The photographer came across an abandoned car stuck in the ice on a dead-end road near Franklin and decided to take pictures of it.

“I was going to come over here and get a picture of the car and the license plate just for the church to have in case they had any questions,” Sheldon told News 2.

But when he looked through the lens to capture the photo, he noticed something alarming: An elderly woman lying in the fetal position on the ground.

“She was lying right there against the dirt bank and she blended in, had a brown coat on and it looked just like dirt,” said Sheldon.

Sheldon discovered the elderly woman at around 9:30 a.m., when the temperature was about 12 degrees. He said he tried talking to the woman, who seemed disoriented and refused his help.

“I was here at the car, and I was yelling at her, ‘Hello? Can you hear me?’ and I got no response,” Sheldon said.

He called 911 and paramedics arrived at the scene 10 minutes later.

“She was frozen to the ground,” Sheldon said. “Whenever we lifted her up, she was frozen to the ground.”

The woman was later identified as 74-year-old Patricia from Bellevue, Tennessee. Her last name was not released.

Franklin police took the woman to a nearby hospital, where she was treated for hypothermia and released shortly after.

Patricia’s family told News 2 she suffers from a brain dysfunction and had been missing for two days. A missing persons report was filed for her.

Sources: News 2 / Photo Credit: Screenshot from News 2


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