Photographer Johnny Milano Captures Behind the Scenes of Nazi Convention

A photographer recently captured a series of unsettling images, showing what happens behind the scenes at a Nazi rally in Atlanta, Ga.

The photos Johnny Milano captured show neo-Nazis and members of the Klu Klux Klan ironing swastikas into their clothing and getting fascist tattoos in the hotel rooms.

Around 40 people attended the meeting at the Wellesley Hotel in Atlanta, commemorating the birthday of Adolf Hitler on April 20.

The attendees were not embarrassed to show their hate, proudly showing off their tattoos and clothes filled with symbols. 

Many of them had the number "88" as a tattoo, which represents the words Heil Hitler. Others had the number "14" tattooed, representing the words, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

Milano spent many months trying to get access to the conference. He was finally able to after having a brief interview. 

In his blog, Petapixel.com, he explained that he wasn't able to capture everything he wanted to, and the images only "scratch the surface."

"The images that I walked away with aren't home runs, but they're definitely a step up above the generic rally and swastika pictures that are rampant among projects like this," he wrote. 

The National Socialist Party says it is the country's biggest "white civil rights group," but experts estimate it consists of 400 members in 32 states.

On the website, it says its core beliefs are "defending the rights of white people," and preserving the European culture. 

Sources: Daily Mail, PetaPixel

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