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Photographer Catches Lightning Bolt Striking Woman On Camera

Every once in a while we find ourselves in just the right place at just the right time and witness something extraordinary. Brazilian photojournalist Rogerio Soares had one of these moments recently.

Soares was on the coast of Sao Paulo photographing a storm for the Brazilian daily paper A Tribuna. He noticed a group of friends running on the beach, so he decided to catch them in a few of his shots.

One of Soares' first shots shows a woman running towards the water. Ordinarily, this photo would be nothing special. But as it turns out, the picture was taken just moments before a lightning bolt struck and killed the woman. Soares managed to catch that on film too.

Here are both pictures:

Image placeholder title
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A Tribuna noted in their coverage of the event that the woman and her friends were ignoring warnings from officials against playing on the beach in the stormy weather. According to a Brazilian climatologist, these warnings often go ignored.

“People are really anxious about going to the beach and don't listen to safety recommendations," said Rodolfo Bonafim. "Ideally the place should be cleared, and entry should be forbidden during thunderstorms."

Sources: Gawker, Rogerio Soares


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