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Photographer Captures Eagle Perched Among Veterans' Headstones At Cemetery (Photos)

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A photograph of an eagle perched among veterans' headstones at a cemetery went viral.

The photo, taken by amateur photographer Frank Glick, was snapped at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minnesota in 2011 after Glick spotted the eagle perched on a gravestone one morning.

Glick eventually found the widow of the veteran the gravestone belonged to, and the photo soon began spreading across the Internet. Requests for the picture reportedly came from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Arlington National Cemetery and various military publications.

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While some claim that the photograph was digitally altered to include the eagle, Glick has long maintained its authenticity. 

You can get more information on Glick by visiting his Facebook page and his website. 

Sources: Fox 2 Now, Frank Glick on Facebook

Photo Credit: Department of Veterans Affairs/ 2 Now


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