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Photo Of What Fireman Was Doing At Scene Of Horrible Crash Quickly Goes Viral (Photos)

Mississippi firefighter Casey Lessard received praise for his job performance after he comforted an injured child with a movie on his phone.

Five people, including the child, flew out of an SUV that had flipped several times off of Interstate 110 on Saturday, Fox 8 reported. When a rescue crew was preparing to transport the driver and children to the hospital, Lessard went out of his way to comfort one of the injured children.

Lessard lay down beside the child and played “Happy Feet,” a popular children’s movie about penguins, on his phone.

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“The kids…we do whatever we can to calm them down,” D’lbervile Fire Capt. Darren Peterson said. “The video calmed him down instantly.”

It’s unclear what initially caused the car crash.

Sources: Lift BumpFox News

Photo Credit: John Fitzhugh/Sun Herald


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