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'It Was All Pretty Brutal To Watch': Photo Captures Moment Kids Play On War Memorial As Veterans Pass By (Photo)

A photo one amateur photographer took in Washington D.C. has become controversial because it features children climbing on The Vietnam Women’s Memorial.

Matthew Munson was visiting the United States capitol from Ohio when he stopped by the memorial, Fox News reports. While he was taking pictures nearby, he overheard some parents encouraging their kids to climb on the memorial so they could take a picture. At the same time, one veteran in a wheelchair was passing by.

“The parents were laughing while trying to get their kids to pose,” Munson wrote on Reddit. “There was a crowd of tourists forming around the parents just glaring at them. It was all pretty brutal to watch.”

According to Munson, the veterans in the crowd looked more hurt than angry. When Munson noticed the glares the parents were receiving, he snapped a picture.

Munson later uploaded the picture to Reddit, where it was received with outrage.

“This is the Nurses Memorial. I’m an army Vet and a nurse,” one user responded. “Only an a*****e would let their kids climb on a memorial like it was a jungle gym.”

The Vietnam Women’s Memorial is dedicated to American women who served in the Vietnam War. Most were nurses. 

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Sources: Fox News, Army Times

Photo Credit: Matthew Munson via Fox News,


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