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Road Workers Somehow Misspell The Word 'Bus' (Photo)

You can ask just about anyone over the age of six how to spell the word “Bus” and they’ll be able to do it for you. Notice we said just about anyone.

A road crew in Bristol City, England is being laughed at all over the web today after they misspelled the word “Bus” on a road marking. How do you mess up a three-letter word, you ask? I have no clue. All I know is the workers spelled “Bup,” not “Bus,” on the road.

Here’s a picture:

Image placeholder title

Peter Mann, a service director for transport, says the error will be quickly fixed.

“It is important that we carry out these improvements as soon as possible to maintain road safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians,” he told Mirror.

My solution: don’t repaint the whole word. A few creative black-out/paint strokes could easily turn this “BUP STOP” into a “PUB STOP,” which is way more fun than a bus stop, anyways. 

Source: Mirror


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