Horse Trainer Under Fire After Hog-Tying Horse (Photo)


A photo of a man standing on top of a horse with its feet tied up has gone viral on Facebook, sparking debates regarding animal cruelty and the ethics of horse training.

In the photo, a McCurtain County, Oklahoma, man can be seen standing on top of a colt as it lies on the ground with its legs tied up. It also appears as though the man is whipping the horse.

According to the man in the photo, he was merely training a horse that was aggressive, saying, “When did sitting on a colt become a crime?”

Others, such as Wendy Stewart, turned to Facebook to lambast the man for abusing the animal.

“I’ve seen them just kind of sit on the side of [a horse] and stuff like that but nothing like what he’s done,” Stewart told Fox 25.

After seeing the post online, Stewart wanted to make sure people knew about what the man was doing. She then contacted Cuttin Up Radio — a media outlet — and they shared the photos on their page.

There it was seen and shared over 5,000 times through several posts on their page.

“This is not HORSE TRAINING this is HORSE ABUSE!” said one of their posts.

In each of their posts, they implore Facebook users to share and report the pictures to local authorities and news outlets.

"I work with horses,” Stewart said. “I've trained my own barrel horse and I have colts that I work with, stud colts. I would never do something like this — hog-tie a horse and throw it down like that and stand on it to so-called teach it manners. That's not the way you teach a horse manners.”

Many have defended the actions of the man in the photos, saying that it is an old cowboy method of breaking horses.

Speaking to FOX 25, a horse trainer said that it is a method she has seen before though she herself would not use that method.

The McCurtain County Sheriff’s Office has since filed a report regarding the incident and it will be handled by the district attorney.

Source: FOX 25,Cuttin Up Radio on Facebook

Photo Credit: Cuttin Up Radio


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