This Is The Photo That Got This Mother's Instagram Deactivated (Photo)

Courtney Adamo made headlines last month when a picture of her 19-month-old daughter Marlow led to the mom’s Instagram account being deactivated, and now, Adamo is speaking out about how the picture and the firestorm of criticism has affected her.

33-year-old Adamo, a married mother-of-four who writes for the Babyccino blog and co-founded the chain of successful boutique stores, took to her blog last month to share about the ordeal involving a picture of her daughter Marlow. In the photo that Adamo posted to Instagram, Marlow is shown lifting up her shirt and looking at her belly button, but while Adamo and many others saw it as a sweet moment captured on camera, Instagram deemed it inappropriate and deleted the picture. Thinking it was a mistake, Adamo decided to repost the picture and soon after, Instagram deactivated her account.

Many people defended Adamo and agreed that the photo was completely innocent and sweet, but according to the well-known blogger and mom, others have blasted her for her decision to post it in the first place.

“When I look at that photo now, I just can’t see it in the same way. It stirs up unsettling emotions,” the London-based mom told The Daily Mail. “It’s really sad. I just feel they have ruined the innocence of it all. I find it really upsetting, quite disgusting, to think that someone is rifling through my photos online looking for something to complain about — and seeing something sexual that isn’t there. You can see toddlers on the beach half-naked. Television commercials show babies in nappies. Are we going to ban those, too? To me, it’s just crazy.”

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Even though her account was eventually reinstated and Instagram acknowledged their hasty decision, Adamo says the backlash from others has continued to this day.

“Since all this happened, I’ve received so much support from my followers,” said Adamo. “But others have been quick to judge me and make inaccurate assumptions. I’ve been accused of exploiting my children by posting pictures of them online when they are too young to consent, but my Instagram feed contains absolutely nothing that could embarrass them. I never posted anything that I believed put them in danger and it really doesn’t bother me that my photos are being viewed in a public way. I feel that I have lovingly documented my family in a wholesome manner.

“So many of my friends say it would bother them, but we’re not an overly private family and are pretty relaxed about it,” Adamo continued. “‘My personal and public life overlap and sharing little glimpses of our personal lives has been really good for our business, but it is only the tiniest glimpse. It’s not an ego boost, nor am I trying to win a popularity contest. Being at the centre of this media controversy was very uncomfortable for me because I don’t have a thick skin. This is my child everyone is talking about and I feel very exposed.”

In her interview with The Daily Mail, Adamo acknowledges that the photos she posts of her children could end up in the hands of someone who shouldn't have them, like a pedophile, but as she notes, she and her husband have decided not to “live in fear.”

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