Photo: Onion Spoof of Google's 9/11 Homepage Sparks Controversy

Search engine giant Google is known for changing its homepage for important world events. The Onion, meanwhile, is known for its biting sense of humor and parody.

Well, the two collided in a controversial way today -- the 11th anniversary of 9/11. But did the comedy outlet go too far with its spoof of an imaginary Google 9/11 logo?  

The move instantly sparked controversy on the Internet due to its seemingly playful spin on the 9/11 attacks. 

"Google" is written in black smoke on top of the flames and plumes of black clouds. The tail end of the plane is visible on the left side and is clearly entering one of the buildings. 

As far as real life is concerend, Google had a simple black ribbon to mark the anniversary of the terrorist attacks -- and nothing even close to something like this.

The story, which appears on the home page, had the headline and photo like this: 

Google's 9/11 Homepage Design Stirs Controversy


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