Photo Of Girl Cutting Herself Found Inside Toy Princess Wand


A mother in Ohio bought a princess wand toy, marketed as promising fairies and “wonderful music,” only to find out it holds a dark secret: If you remove the foil on the top layer, inside is a photo of a girl cutting herself.

“If you look close enough, it’s not a drawing. It’s an actual picture of a girl slitting her wrist. I’m outraged over it. I want to know how they think that is suitable for a child,” parent Nicole Allen said.

When a piece of foil is removed from the wand, the image of the girl cutting her wrist with a knife may be seen, confirms WHIO.

Allen purchased the wand for her 2-year-old daughter in the toy section of a one-dollar store, reports WWLP.

“There were Barbie dolls on one side and baby dolls on the other side. And these were right in the middle of where they were at,” Allen said.

Store owner Amar Moustafa said parents need to be more aware of what they are buying for their children as the wand’s packaging says “Evil Stick.” He believes from the name alone it should make a parent inspect it closely before purchasing it for their child.

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Moustafa said he would not purchase it for a toddler, but “for a five, six, seven, 10-year-old, I mean they see that on TV everyday.”

 “You don’t want to think about little girls picking that up and thinking this is normal or funny or interesting or any of those things,” shopper Tina Musgrove said.

Moustafa has agreed to remove the item from store shelves if he receives more complaints.

Sources: WHIO, WWLP  Photo Source: Colorado News Day


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