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Photo: Australian Olympic Swimmers Kenrick Monk, Nick D’Arcy Criticized for Posing with Guns

Memo to athletes: don't hold big guns when you're posing for photos.

Kenrick Monk and Nick D’Arcy, two members of the Australian Olympic swim team, are in hot water today after a picture of them doing their best Dirty Harry impressions began to circulate around the web. As you would expect, the pictures were originally simply loaded to Monk’s Facebook account; however, shortly after some unimpressed friend saw the gun-toting Olympians doing their thing, the incident became an international scandal.

What was so terrible about the picture? Well, that’s where it gets dicey.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Monk was holding a couple of pump-action shotguns that resembled the ones used in the Port Arthur massacre – an incident that left 35 dead and 21 wounded. D’Arcy was holding a semi-automatic in the photo, a gun that also no doubt resembled one used in murders at some point in time, but apparently that one wasn’t as big of a deal.

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(via Yahoo! Sports)

What really makes this situation a lot worse than it probably otherwise would be is the fact that the two supermodels in the photo are anything but model citizens. Per Yahoo! Sports:

The two young men need no introduction to stupidity. D'Arcy was involved in a brawl on the night the 2008 Australian Olympic team was announced and broke the jaw, nose, eye socket and cheekbone of a teammate. He was kicked off the team but avoided jail for the incident.

Monk broke his elbow last September and blamed it on a hit-and-run driver. Four days after filing a police report, he confessed that he had actually fallen off his skateboard. Police didn't charge Monk, calling him a "wannabe B-grade celebrity athlete."

For what it’s worth, Monk has taken the controversial picture down.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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