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Video: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania School District Bans Halloween

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania School District have banned Halloween in schools, this year, opting for a fall festival instead.

Superintendent Alan Fegley told said in a aletter to parents that the elementary schools were all doing different celebrations and the school district wanted to keep them consistent, reports CBS Philadelphia (video below).

Fegley also cited costume safety and those students who couldn’t afford costumes.

Fegley added: “We understand that not everyone will agree with this decision. We hope you will realize it was made with the best interests of ALL our students in mind.”

Parent Alison Cirone told CBS Philadelphia: "There were quite a few parents that were upset, and others were neutral. But I think some of us just wonder, there’s no more birthday celebrations, so if there’s not Halloween, what could there possibly be next that we won’t be celebrating in school?”


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