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Phoenix Man Arrested After Decapitating Wife, Dogs

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A man in Phoenix, Arizona, stands accused of decapitating his wife and dogs and then mutilating himself, authorities said Sunday.

Kenneth Dale Wakefield, 43, reportedly killed his wife, 49-year-old Trina Heisch, as well as their two dogs, then hiding their bodies in a closet. Wakefield then gouged one of his own eyes out and cut off his left hand, according to My Fox 8.

The husband was caught on July 25 after a neighbor went to the house to check on Heisch, but was instead greeted at the door by a naked, blood-covered Wakefield, WRAL reported.

According to reports, Wakefield spent 10 years in a mental hospital after stabbing a relative in 2003. He was found “guilty, except insane” for charges of second-degree murder in the attack.

Wakefield was arrested and put in jail on $2 million bond. He now faces charges of first-degree murder and animal cruelty.

Sources: My Fox 8, WRAL

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