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Philosophers' Carnival call for submissions, hosting

To see past editions and future hosts of Philosophers’ Carnival, go here.

From Richard Chappell, the Carnival's organizer: “We've run out of hosts again! If you want there to be more editions of the carnival, please check out the hosting guidelines and reply to this email to volunteer. (Hosts from previous years are encouraged to volunteer again, though if I get multiple responses then precedence will be given to new hosts.)”

Pease consider hosting, if you have a philosophy blog. 

Since receiving that message I volunteered to host on October 11 at my blog and work-in-progress, The Sword and the Sacrifice Philosophy.  Preference will be given to entries related to Sam Harris’ forthcoming “The Moral Landscape” to be released October 5 (you can preorder).  I have had entries featured in the last two carnivals--you can submit yours (or a favorite one of someone else) here or via email.  NOTE:  There is another Carnival between the current one and the one I am hosting.  You will have to wait until after that Carnival's deadline (September 18) to submit to the one I am hosting, unless you submit via email.  If your submission is not related to Sam Harris' "The Moral Landscape" just submit to the next Carnival here (it is at Richard Chappell's blog, Philosophy, et cetera).

If you would like to do your homework on what Sam is saying in preparation for the release of his Landscape, this is a good start:

One TED talk with many titles:  "Science can show what is right" in the TED talk web address, "Science can answer moral questions" on TED's,'s, and Project Reason's website, and "The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values," in an e-mail from Project Reason:  @  @ TED  @ Project Reason

Moral Confusion in the Name of Science” and its comment section is still available at Project Reason.

How can you derive an ought from an is” is mysteriously no longer available on Sam Harris’ site, and so the many comments to it are no longer available, including Harris' reply to me (quoted in my fourth article below).  However, the gist of his article (sadly sans comments) is available here.

More articles and talks by by Harris:
The Moral Landscape Q&A with Sam Harris @
The New Science of Morality / Edge conference talk @ 
Toward a Science of Morality @ Huffington Post
Brain Science and Human Values @ 

Science of Morality pages at Wikipedia, Facebook.  (Back in the day, we just called this "Ethics"--but now it appears to be a subset of Ethics.)

My articles on Harris' forthcoming Moral Landscape:
1. Harris versus Dawkins, modern day Euthyphro dilemma  March 23
2. Dawkins changes mind for Harris' objective moral truth  March 27
3. Sam Harris' forthcoming Moral Landscape decides objective morality  March 30
4. Sam Harris claims we are not free to choose objective moral truth  April 8

Enjoy my skit, At Coffee with the Euthyphro Dilemma, published at Down in the Dirt, and my most recent article of relevance, featured in Philosophers' Carnival CXIIJustified true belief and knowledge of moral truth.

Get those submissions in for the October 11 edition of Philosophers' Carnival.  Submit here (after September 18 and before October 9) or via e-mail.  And remember to consider hosting if you have a philosophy blog.


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