Philly Firefighter John Slivinski Kills Self After Doing Calendar Spread


A tragic story out of Philadelphia, where a firefighter suspended after posing shirtless for a charity calendar has killed himself.

A report in theDaily Mailsaid the body of 31-year-old John Slivinski was found dead in his house on Saturday. Police have ruled it a suicide.

"There were no outward signs," fire union chief Bill Gault told thePhiladelphia Metro. "We never saw the guy not smiling. It’s so baffling."

In April Slivinski was suspended from the department's prestigious "Rescue One" unit for not going through the chain of command to get permission to pose for the calendar. He had only asked Gault, not department officials.

In May he was let off with a verbal reprimand and allowed to rejoin his old crew. But apparently the battle took its toll.

"I know this whole thing hit him pretty hard, with the calendar," said friend Kate Rizzo. "I think that really pushed him over the edge."

Slivinski was extremely popular with his colleagues and was a top-notch firefighter. 

"If you or your family members were in danger, this was the kid you'd want showing up at your house," firefighter's union executive board member Mike Kane told thePhiladelphia Enquirer. "He gave you 110%, whether he was washing dishes or going down a smoky hallway."

The calendar is due to come out this summer. The publisher said she will leave it up to the family if Slivinski will still appear as Mr. May.


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