Philippine Socialite Jeane Napoles Under Investigation After Lavish Instagram Photos Surface


A Philippine socialite is facing U.S. investigation following a recent Instagram post.

Jeane Napoles, 23, recently posted a picture of herself in a bathtub full of money, and that photo is just one of a lot of pictures Napoles is posting displaying her lavish U.S. life for all the Internet to see.

Turns out, however, that the girl’s mother is currently being investigated as part of a huge tax fraud case in the Philippines. Now, Jeane is taking after her mother and being investigated for the same thing.

Reports show that Napoles owns a $1.3 million condo at the Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles, and the Bureau of Internal Review says that she has not filed any U.S. tax returns since 2008, despite being registered to do so.

Chief of the Philippine Bureau Kim Henares says that they have been following her via social media for some time now.

“We read the newspapers. We follow the Internet,” asserted Henares. “That is where we heard about her.”

Napoles, who is a current design student in Los Angeles and who also owns a second property in the Phillipines, is now under serious investigation for the accusations against her.

“We have always said there is nothing wrong with being rich as long you pay the right taxes,” said Henares. “Whether it is her fault or her mother's fault, someone will go to jail.”

The Bureau says there is no political motive to the investigation of Napoles, and that it is simply because she hasn’t filed taxes.


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