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Philip Markoff Scrawled Ex-Fiance's Name in Blood

Suspected "Craigslist Killer" Philip Markoff left behind two words scrawled in his own blood before killing himself in his jail cell last weekend. One is easy to decipher -- the other, a mystery.

One of the words he wrote was "Megan," which no doubt refers to his former fiance Megan McAllister, who broke up with Markoff after he was arrested for allegedly meeting a woman on Craigslist, luring her to a hotel room, and killing her. Markoff killed himself one day after what would have been their first wedding anniversary.

The second word was "pocket." And that has left investigators scratching their heads.

"The word 'pocket' is confounding investigators," said the Boston Globe's Maria Cramer, who wrote a book about the case. "It's not really clear right off the bat what that means."

Markoff had attempted suicide behind bars at least twice before, but doctors didn't think he would try it again.

"He was not on a suicide watch at the time of this and that was based on the psychiatrist's recommendation," said Sheriff Andrea Cabral. "There was nothing about his behavior that indicated to us what he was going to do."


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