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Philadelphia Woman Sharolyn Jackson Appears Two Weeks After Family Holds Funeral

A Philadelphia woman has appeared two weeks after her family had a funeral and burial for her.

The 50-year-old, Sharolyn Jackson, showed up at Horizon House mental home on Friday. After presenting herself, police confirmed her identity with fingerprints.

A dead body, which had been found on a street in Philadelphia on July 20, was identified as Jackson.

Jackson’s son and social worker, who worked at the home where Jackson had been receiving treatment for drug and mental health problems, identified the police photo of Jackson, according to a Philadelphia Health Department spokesperson.

The medical examiner confirmed that the woman had died of a heart stroke, signed a death certificate and released the body to the family.

Jackson’s family had noticed that her nose looked thinner, though they attributed it to the embalming process.

"There was really a strong resemblance,’’ Carrie Minney, Jackson’s mother, said. “She looks so much like Sharol they could be sisters.’’

Minney added that she was overjoyed that her daughter was still alive, though it bothers her that another woman’s daughter is dead and buried.

Services were held on August 3.

The body that was buried will be exhumed immediately, in the hopes that the remains may be identified.

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