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Philadelphia Teen Admits To Video-Taped Attack Of Park Ranger (Video)

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After assaulting a Philadelphia park ranger on Friday a 19-year-old admitted to his role in the attack at the city’s Love Park.

A park ranger approached the teenager, who was skateboarding, on Friday afternoon in order to enforce the “no skateboarding” rule. Both the teenager, known as Curtis, and his companion began hurling insults at the ranger, when suddenly Curtis kicked the ranger.

In video footage of the attack Curtis beats, kicks, stomps and spits on the park ranger.

Mariano Verrico, the 25-year-old tourist who recorded the event, said he didn’t intervene because he knew police were on the way. He noted that it was a hostile environment and that attempting to stop the attack would be dangerous.

“If I had the chance, I would apologize to that guy,” Curtis said in an interview. “I lost my cool.”

When asked why he didn’t just walk away, Curtis replied that he got caught in the moment. Curtis added that the ranger grabbed his friend, and that’s when he decided to become physical. However, witnesses reported that the ranger only held up his own fists in defense.

According to sources with ABC Action News, the park ranger chose not to fight back for fear of losing his job. Though the ranger suffered head injuries, reports have suggested that he’s in stable condition.

No arrests have been made.

Sources: ABC, Yahoo


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