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Philadelphia Salvage Catches Heat For Posting Picture Of Captured Thief On Ground

Philadelphia Salvage, an antique store in Pennsylvania, is catching some heat after they posted a photo on the store’s Facebook page of a thief who broke into their store. In the photo, the thief is seen lying on the ground with police standing over him after being caught in the store.

The photo was posted with the caption “The foundry was broken into. But come on. We CAUGHT him. Team Philly Salvage and PPD F*** yeah!”

Many on the Philadelphia Savage’s page commented with their disapproval.

“Will never, ever do business with Philly Salvage,” one reader, Janine Schwab, wrote. “Why would you do this? It's literally the most unprofessional thing I have ever seen and gloats in the indignity of a fellow human being. What were you thinking?”

Another, Diana Day, said “I’ve been robbed before, too, and it is awful and I’m so sorry for what you’ve been through, but posting this photo is tasteless and vindictive.”

The store owner isn’t apologizing for the photo though. He posted a response on the store’s page recently.

“Some people have posted some feedback on this picture,” the message said. “It is what it is. A thief was caught (which rarely happens) and that’s why I posted it. All too often, people are robbed and they never catch him. It’s not a staged photo, it’s raw, which is how I felt being violated and put in harms way. I will fill out the reports and prosecute, which I found out is not often done.”

Brian Eckert, a worker at the store, posted a response of his own. Eckert was upset at the sympathy people were displaying for the thief.

“I was there…this guy was stealing my tools,” Eckert said. “The tools I make a living with, the tools I’m gonna feed my family with. And some people on this site want to victimize him! Unbelievable.”

To make matters worse, many people were sympathizing with the distressed condition the thief seemed to be in on the ground. But according to Philadelphia Police, the guy was faking it the whole time. 

Source: Daily Mail


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