Imagine Having This Happen Outside Your Window Every Week

Residents of Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties neighborhood are furious right now, saying that a local radio station’s block parties have turned their residential area into a nightmare.

Tenants tell horror stories of massive crowds of young drunk people running amok in their neighborhood streets and properties.

“My entire house was peed on, people were having sex two feet in front of my children and everyone was drunk that day,” said resident Sibyl Lindsay.

The problems revolve around Radio 104.5’s Summer Block Party Series. The station's parties are held in the Piazza at Schmidt’s neighborhood. Pictures from the events show that residential apartment buildings surround the venue.

“There was a lot of young people in the back, underage drinking, staggering around drunk, urinating on my garage,” said tenant Clarence Manson.

One neighbor saw hundreds of people urinating on public property and even witnessed a young couple having sex out in the open. A photo of the couple shows them having sex just a few feet away from a patio with children’s toys on it.

"You can see my kids' castle in our yard while they were doing this," Lindsay said.

Speaking on people urinating in public, Lindsay said "I get that people pee in public. But hundreds of people peeing on your property, on your house, in front of your children?"

Radio 104.5 released a statement to NBC on the complaints in which they seem to whitewash over most of the tenant’s concerns.

"We apologize for any of our fans who may have had a less than enjoyable experience at this past weekend's block party," the station said. "As these shows have become more popular and larger, we've worked with our partners at the Piazza to have them increase security and facilities."

To Lindsay – and presumably many of the area’s other residents – the only solution to the problem is getting the concerts out of their neighborhood.

"I don't care where they go, they shouldn't be in the center of any community in Philadelphia," she said. "They should be in a proper venue."

Sources: NBC, NY Daily News


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