Philadelphia Police Officer Nace Wrongly Stops-And-Frisks Innocent Man (Video)


A video uploaded to YouTube by a New Jersey resident shows how he was wrongly profiled and harassed by Philadelphia police.

The 16-min video begins when the man tapes a police squad car pulling over to stop and frisk another man walking on the street, claiming that the man "said hi" to another person — an alleged drug dealer — as he walked by. How that is justification for searching and questioning an individual makes no sense, but Philadelphia does have a stop-and-frisk law in place. 

While the original man in question may have committed some criminal activity (his current status is unknown), the video truly gets unsettling when one of the officers, Phillip Nace, notices the man video taping the incident. Nace calls the man over, forces him agains the squad car and begins harshly questioning him. The man keeps the camera on his phone pointed at Nace as the event unfolds, but Nace eventually notices it and tells him to put it away. 

“Is that illegal?” the man asks, as he puts his phone in his pocket but continues to record audio. 

“No but it’s not illegal for me to grab you either,” Nace responds, referring to the city’s stop-and-frisk laws, “I’ll grab you any way I got to.”

As the video continues, the man video taping continues to express his innocence, but Nace continues growing irrationally angry. 

“Everybody thinks they’re a fucking lawyer and they don’t know jack shit,” Nace says at one point, angered that the men he stopped are not complying with him. 

“They crossed the street on a red light,” the other officer says mid-way through the video, as if he’s coming up with any excuse to arrest the guys. 

At another point, Nace tells the man videotaping that he’s not welcome in his city. 

“Don’t come to fucking Philadelphia, stay in New Jersey”

“I have family here,” the man responds. 

“All you do is weaken the fucking country,” Nace says. 

“Yeah, by working?” 

“By freeloading.”

When the man explains that he works at a local country club as a server, Nance responds: “Serving weed?”

There are several more instances throughout the video in which Nance completely ignores rational arguments from the man videotaping, refusing to believe he’s anything but a criminal.

Towards the end of the video, however, Nace attempts to justify the way he treated the man videotaping, especially after finding the man’s record to be clean. At that point, however, it was obviously too late. The officer had already said too many insulting things, using the ridiculous logic often employed by officers attempting to arrest those that have no evidence of doing anything wrong (making up claims that they jaywalked, forcing them to put their phones away, refusing to let them talk back to them or explain anything about themselves, etc.). At least the widespread access to smartphones have provided a way for wrongly accused citizens to demonstrate how they are treated by police forces to the rest of the world. 


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