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Philadelphia Cop Tells Driver To Buy Fundraiser Tickets Or Lose Car (Video)

A Philadelphia police officer was recently caught on video (below) apparently threatening to take a motorist's car unless the driver and his passenger bought some tickets for a police fundraiser.

On Aug. 21, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey ordered the officer, identified as Matthew Zagursky, to be taken off patrol and his gun to be confiscated, reports

In the video, originally posted on Facebook by Rob Stay Faded, Zagursky says, "Ten bucks each, man. Either you buy these, or I take your car, because it's unregistered."

The tickets were for the Hero Thrill Show fundraiser, notes Metro.

A second video posted on Facebook shows Zagursky asking, "What's up with the f---- (anti-gay slur) a-- wipers?"

The driver replies, "Breast cancer man, my grandma went through it." 

Ramsey said Zagursky appeared to have done something "illegal" and was an "embarrassment."

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: Metro,Rob Stay Faded/Facebook (2), / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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