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Philadelphia Cop Punches Teen Girl During Street Fight (Video)

A female police officer was caught on video (below) straddling a teen girl and punching her during a wild brawl on Jan. 2 that involved as many as 30 people in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Police Department told Fusion in an email that "a female officer began to give several verbal commands and push [the teen] back away from the scene. [The teen] continued to argue with the officer as she continued to move her back ... Both the officer and the defendant indicated that they both threw punches, striking each other while on the ground."

A video, originally posted on Instagram, shows the female cop pushing the teen away from the wild brawl, and the teen pushing back against the officer. The camera pans away, but quickly returns to show the cop taking the teen down to the ground, sitting on the girl and punching her for a few seconds.

The police want the District Attorney to charge the girl with assault of an officer and disorderly conduct, reports WCAU.

The cop has been pulled off patrol, and placed on administrative duty while the Internal Affairs Division investigates the incident.

Takeema Bundy, a witness and friend of the teen girl, told the news station: "I just feel like [the teen girl] didn’t deserve it. She lost her mom. She don’t got nobody, and I feel she was there for me and look where she’s at."

"They throw me against the car, they throw her, they slam her on the ground," the teen’s unidentified legal guardian recalled. "She's 16 years old."

"I don’t think she deserves that," Bundy added. "The cop shouldn’t have done that. That lady was like 30 something."


(Note: Cop and teen girl start at :30 mark)

Sources: WCAU, Fusion / Photo credit: hostgodawezome/Instagram via YouTube

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