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Phelan Silas Attacks Neighbor With Ax Because Of Bad Driving, Caught On Cell Phone Video

How badly do you have to drive before someone tries to split your skull with an ax? Apparently, as badly as one Midvale, Utah, teenager whose driving so provoked his neighbor that the man came at him swinging a heavy ax with maximum force.

The whole ax attack was caught on cell phone video by a witness and broadcast on KSL-TV in Utah.

Neither police nor witnesses are sure what exactly the local teen was doing in his vehicle that so gravely offended his neighbor, Phelan Silas, 23. But Silas was enraged to such an extent that he paused the argument in which he was engaged with the youth, went into his house, grabbed an ax and returned to get back to making his point — only this time in much more pointed fashion.

“We were just inside, watching TV, when we heard people yelling outside,” said the cell-phone wielding witness who asked not to have his name used. “From there, we went to the bedroom window to see what was going on.”

The witness then started to record the dispute on his phone, at first just taking still pictures.

“We just wanted to get a picture of everyone that was participating in the yelling and screaming to show the police,” the neighborhood man said.

When Silas left and came back with an ax, that is when the witness’s wife started rolling video.

The video shows Silas swinging the ax at the teen twice. The first attempt narrowly misses the youth’s head as the young man is able to duck. The second blow apparently catches him a glancing blow on the hand, as it was later reported that the teenager suffered a minor hand injury.

The teen’s friends then intervene, one of them fighting back with an umbrella. The manage to relieve Silas of his ax.

Silas was booked for aggravated assault.

“You cannot go after somebody with an ax because you’re upset about the way they’re driving,” said Police Lt. Justin Hoyal.

SOURCES: KSL-TV, Ogden Standard-Examiner


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