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Phallic Traffic Barriers Offend Some Scott Township, Penn., Residents But Town Unlikely To Remove The Concrete Posts

Maybe the residents of Scott Township, Penn., should look on the place as a tourist attarction.

“They're calling it Penis Road," resident Pat Martin told the township’s commissioners at a meeting last week.

What could earn this short section of Carothers and Finley Avenues in the town’s Glendale neighborhood such a colorful monniker? It’s the new concrete posts that serve as traffic barriers. Known as “bollards,” these new posts leave some citizens feeling very uncomfortable because they supposedly resemble male genitalia.

Town Commissioner Bill Wells suggested flattening the tops of the allegedly phallic bollards.

“I think it would improve the appearance,” he said.

But commissioner Pat Caruso dismissed gripes about the bollards (pictured) as the work of people with “weird minds.” And the town manager of nearby Carnegie, which is also using the same grant of federal funds for municipal improvements that paid for the Scott Township Bollards, also scoffs at the complaints.

“People need to get their minds out of the gutters," said Carnegie manager Steve Beuter.

But Martin is undeterred in her crusade against the ersatz male appendages. “They look like male body parts, which I don’t think is appropriate,” she told Pittsburgh TV station KDKA. “Everyone’s laughing about them.”

Ten new bollards in all have been erected, so to speak, in Scott Township. While Scott Manager Denise Fitzgerald said she would inquire into the costs of modifying their appearance, there seem to be no current plans to take down the posts.

“I can’t imagine spending taxpayers’ dollars for a situation like this because somebody has a narrow mind,” Caruso told KDKA.

SOURCES: KDKA TV, Pittsburgh Post Gazette


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