Phallic-Shaped Gummies Anger New Zealand Island Community


Some parents have called for phallic-shaped gummies to be removed from local shops after bags of the candy were sold without some customers realizing their contents.

Barrie Aburn from Dunedin city in South Island said that his young daughters bought a bag of the “inappropriate” gummies from a local grocery store and gifted it to him for his birthday, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Jacqui Hawkins, Aburn’s wife, said she took one of the gummies out of the bag and realized that it was shaped like a penis. She was surprised that their daughters – 8-year-old Cadence, 6-year-old Rhianna and 5-year-old Payton – had brought the treats home.

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''I don't find anything amusing about it at all. I find it disgusting,'' she said.

The Stoke confectionery company imported thousands of bags of the gummies, called Dragon Sweets, from a manufacturer in China about a month and a half before the incident occurred, said Willem Van de Geest, Dutch Rusk managing director.

After the company purchased the gummies, they found their way to shops in South Island, New Zealand, though the distribution company was unaware of the gummies’ shapes. He added that he had never had problems with the manufacturers before in the 25 years he worked with them.

''You have to look at it two or three times to think that doesn't look right,” Ven de Geest said.

Community members started complaining about the candy shape soon after, and stores had to start throwing out bags of the shipments. Store owners have also offered some customers free bags of normal gummies in return.

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