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Petsitter William Baxter Sues for $100K Over Cat Attack

Cat-sitter William Baxter is suing for $100,000 after the feline he was taking care of “viciously attacked, bit and clawed” him when he tried to feed it.

Baxter, of Homer Glen, Ill., was watching the cat in his home for friend Christine Bobak on April 11, 2011. Claiming the attack was unprovoked, he filed suit against Bobak Mar. 22 and is seeking $100,000.

Baxter claims he suffered serious injuries after his ring finger was bit and his left arm was clawed. The lawsuit alleges that Bobak should have known the housecat was dangerous, claiming it attacked at least one other person in the past.

A Facebook profile for “Billy Baxter” of Homer Glen has raised questions as to whether the cat-sitter was or is married to Bobak. When the 2011 attack occurred, the lawsuit states, Baxter and Bobak lived at separate Homer Glen residences. The Facebook page, however, indicated Billy Baxter was/is married to “Christine ‘Bobak’ Baxter” of Homer Glen.

Baxter’s attorney Michael Shammas did not comment on questions related to the marriage or the case. "That's not something I really want to get into and talk about," Shammas said. "I'd rather keep it in the courthouse."

Bobak and Baxter, who declined to comment to the Sun-Times, are expected to make their first court appearance on July 10.

Sources: GawkerSun-Times


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