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Pets Euthanized, Funds Stolen, Chaos within No Kill Continues

This writer reported in a previous article about the fiasco with Boggs Mountain Humane Society in Georgia. This No Kill facility was known far and wide. People came from all over to relinquish their pets, paying hefty sums to insure that their pets would be taken care of and/or adopted to nice families. All this came to an end when it was discovered that the director had problems in the past financially and with an incident of her killing a dog by shooting.

Boggs Mountain is only one in an ever growing list of No Kill facilities that are deceiving the public. This is one woman who has received a 10 year prison sentence for her role in No Kill. Also mentioned in the above Opposing Views link is Spindletop, another well known and touted No Kill facility. It turned out to be a living hell. Money was taken for the care of dogs and then the dogs were allowed to suffer and die in their own feces.

The White Oak Animal Shelter in Pennsylvania is now under investigation for unaccounted money and for euthanizing pets although they claim to be No Kill.

Porter County, Indiana is still listed on No Kill News as a No Kill shelter. News articles belied that.
VALPARAISO | A study released Friday, commissioned by Porter County officials to assess the county's animal shelter and operation, identified several areas of concern, including the need for a new shelter and reassessment of the shelter's no-kill policy.The Porter County Board of Commissioners agreed in December to pay Shelter Planners of America $6,500 to conduct a needs assessment, feasibility and building program study. The study was conducted in the wake of missing funds, three different directors within a year, and numerous facility and animal health problems.

San Antonio Pets Alive!, a branch of Austin Pets Alive!, the go to in No Kill in Texas, is under investigation for neglect and cruelty. Donations have rolled into this organization and yet kittens are starving under their care.  Where is the money going?

Another No Kill facility/hospice, Angels Gate, was a living hell for animals. Yet it was lauded by Rachael Ray and Oprah. This is condoned by No Kill because No Kill fails to speak against these facilities that bear the No Kill philosophy.

Paraplegic dogs dragging themselves on the ground until they developed bruises when canine-fitted wheelchairs were readily available; pets covered for days in urine and feces; animals failing to receive prescribed medication and others given prescription medicine without a veterinarian's consent; animals left with only rancid meat to eat; pets with easily treatable medical conditions left uncared for; and carcasses left among living animals for days.

The list grows with each passing day. Animals are pulled from shelters under the name of No Kill and then basically abandoned in places such as Spindletop and Angel's Gate. And all the while, No Kill is collecting donations on these suffering animals.

This article is written as a word of caution which has been repeated many times.  Before you give to any “No-Kill” shelter or organization ask the organization to confirm how many pets they have actually adopted into permanent, loving, quality homes within the last year.  Many “No-Kill” shelters are simply transporting animals these days to facilities like Boggs Mountain, White Oak Animal Shelter or Spindletop where animals are warehoused indefinitely in horrific conditions.  Ask the “No-Kill” shelter to share with you the average cost for each animal cared for last year, which would include salaries and wages paid to staff.  Check the organization’s 990 to make sure that someone is not personally profiting from donations given to assist the animals in their care.  A good rule to follow, is to make sure that your gift is given for a specific or designated purpose.  These types of gifts are considered “restricted” contributions in which the organization must spend your donation on a specific purpose, such as purchasing pet foods, medical care or spaying/neutering services.  Always consider giving a “restricted” contribution to make sure your donation is being used to help an animal in need and not supporting someone’s lifestyle which may result in animal neglect or abuse.


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