Peter Fitzek, The Self-Proclaimed ‘King of Germany’ Gets Jail Time After Refusing To Pay Fine For Driving Violation


A man who claims to be the “King of Germany” will spend three months in prison. He was pulled over by police for speeding, then showed the police a driver’s license he issued himself and eventually refused to pay the fine for the violation.

Peter Fitzek, a former cook and video store clerk, claims to rule the kingdom of an area outside Wittenberg in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, which he founded in 2012, according to RT.

The kingdom, though, doesn’t actually exist, even though Fitzek claims 3,500 "voluntary citizens" and issues his own passports and currency, MSN reports.

Fitzek, who apparently gave up his German driving license in favor of a document he authorized himself as head of state sometime last year, has accumulated more than 20 traffic offenses.

He found himself in court when he refused to pay the fine of 2,400 euros after his January incident when he was caught speeding and gave police his self-made license. A judge sentenced him to three months in prison with no right for parole.

“You have built a fantasy world with a fanciful political worldview,” Judge Thorsten Steufert told Fitzek.

However, Fitzek plans to appeal because German courts’ jurisdiction “does not apply to other heads of state,” Bild newspaper reported.

The Local reports that Fitzek was also in the spotlight recently regarding a dispute with Germany’s Financial Supervisory Authority over the purchase of hospital buildings in his kingdom, according to Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

Sources: MSN, RT, The Local


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