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Petco Employee Caught On Tape Rough-Handling Dog (Video)

A Petco groomer who was caught on camera rough-handling a dog no longer works at the Georgia pet store.

On March 1, one Decatur woman reported pulling up to the store in her car and noticing a groomer treating a black dog roughly. She then began recording the event on her phone. In the video, the groomer can be seen yanking on the dog’s leg at least three times as it tries to back away.

The woman finally stopped recording and went in to report to the manager, who said he would speak to the employee.

When the woman uploaded the video to Facebook and tagged Petco, the pet chain replied that the situation had been handled.

“After a thorough investigation this employee is no longer at Petco,” Petco wrote. “We are in contact with both the concerned individual who took the video and the pet parent and can confirm that the dog is home and in good health.”

The statement was a relief to dog owners like Emilly Dunn who entrust their pets to strangers.

“It’s your biggest fear,” Dunn said. “That you worry about.”

The Facebook video has been shared over 1,300 times.

Sources: 11 Alive, CNN / Photo Credit: 11 Alive


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