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PETA's "Kisses & Hisses" to Animal Friends & Enemies

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By Michelle Sherrow

We're spitting mad at people who have been lashing out at animals, but we've saved up some wet, sloppy puppy-dog kisses for those whose compassion is the cat's pajamas.

-- Kisses to Canadian national pet store chain PJ's Pets, which has stopped selling puppies and started promoting adoption. Are you listening, Petland

-- Hisses to Scripps Research Institute for torturing rats for almost 40 years to develop a vaccine for heroin. Apparently, these experimenters just couldn't say "No."

-- Hisses to MMA fighter Brock Lesnar for going on a prairie-dog killing spree. Hey, Brock, why don't you stick with picking on someone your own size?

-- Kisses to the Iowa State Fair for including a vegetarian booth, the Veggie Table, in this year's festivities. Yes, they really do have veggie corn dogs on a stick.

-- Hisses to South Korean scientists for genetically modifying a dog to glow in the dark, giving new meaning to the term "barking mad."

-- Kisses to Food Network for helping to keep sharks in the ocean waves by taking shark meat off the airwaves.

-- Hisses to students at New York's Cooper Union High School for using electric currents to make roaches "dance." Why not stick with iPods and leave the arthropods alone?

-- Hisses to actor Andrew McCarthy for participating in a bull run. Taunting and harassing bulls isn't pretty, no matter how you color it


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